Douglas Lake by S. Beadle

What is Directed Attention Fatigue?
The quick introduction
What is DAF, Anyway? 

DAFDogg Cartoon Series
1. Whut's DAF?
2. Am I sick??
3. What R Some Signs?   
4. Wanna Know More?   
5. Now Whut?  

Daily ReLoad Experiments
SESAME-ANT uses the term Daily ReLoads for lists and reminders that help us remember what to do, and avoid, to assist our attention systems. Some simple programs to assist your Daily ReLoad:

Daily Reload Experiments


Designing for Usability articles

"Usability Issue Contributes to Election Confusion"

When Interfaces Kill
"Still not convinced that usability can play such a critical role in the outcome of significant events? Check out Tog's article 'When Interfaces Kill', describing just one of many examples of how good interface design, in hardware or software, can even make the difference between life and death." From the previous FourthWorld Embassy article.  

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