Small Experiments

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Small Experiments

One incrementalist approach to trying new things in public and private life is through what SESAME-ANT calls Small Experiments.

1. Try something out on a small, non-threatening scale.
2. Make a note of what we did, and how it works.

If it works the way we want, we stick with that.
If it does not, as O'Hanlon says, we "Do One Thing Different":

3. Vary some part of it.
4. Note how that works.

Continue this process until we find something that works
well enough for what we have in mind.


Experiment with Daily Reload issues:


NowWhat? is in notepad form, to help us remember what we want, and forget what we want to forget. Play around with it and see what's useful. If it gets too full, make a new copy and use that.

A Mac OSX version:

A Windows version:

StuckPoint ReLoad

When I work on a project, I often get stuck and have to stop and do a precursor, which leads to yet another precursor, which leads to an aside, and by then, I'm totally off the track. This program is a way to keep in mind the original task, where I got stuck, and what to try next. It also keeps a record of what I have done.

Two versions for now:
•Text version in the next section of this page for you to copy .
•Filemaker version-- prettier, and may someday have more features, but you need a copy of Filemaker Pro to use it.

Download Stuckpoint -- for those who have FileMaker Pro

 Or copy the following text to use as a template:

StuckPoint Reload

Project name:
Try this:


Project name: MedBook 1
Stuckpoint: I need to find pictures of people in traction
Try this: hospital magazines, ask around for someone with broken leg.
Results: ---
Project name: Database 1
Stuckpoint: need a way to input images to DB
Try this: Check out templates, look for solutions on web
Results: ---
Project name: Negotiation 1
Stuckpoint: He just won't listen to reason
Try this: Find new reasons, Be more reasonable
Results: it did not work. take 2
Project name: Negotiation 1-b
Stuckpoint: He just won't listen to reason. Tried Find new reasons and Be more reasonable --did not work
Try this: find someone to help negotiate
Results: Becky helped. We got to "maybe."


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