Write and get published!

You have the ideas, the will, and maybe even the tentacles, so now is the time to get it written and out into the worlds.

Clairon Writers Workshops

This is the classic if you want to learn to write Science Fiction or Fantasy. Top teachers, top students, friends you will make for life and an experience you will never forget.

2008 Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers' Workshop
June 29 - August 9
at University of California, San Diego

Damon Knight's Creating Short Fiction

This is a fabulous book on how to write friction. Let this wise funny classic expert be your guide.

Bill O'Hanlon's Book Writing and Publishing
Boot Camp
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Learn from an expert who has written and published 28 books how to get your head in gear to finish the book, find and deal with agents, and get it published.

You will work hard and get support from an entertaining expert in all phases of the process.

Learn how to:
Create a clear and targeted focus that makes your book much easier to write and sell.

Write fast and write well even if you are busy or stressed.

Create a compelling proposal to sell your book

Leap to the top of agents' and publishers' book submission stacks.


Online class available now:
Take the course anytime, at your own
speed, in the comfort of your own habitat.
Online Writing and Publishing Course

Tips, hints, and fun for fiction writers-bloggone it!



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