Directed Attention Fatigue and Restoration

Toward a clearer picture of Directed Attention Fatigue and Attention Restoration


1. What is Directed Attention Fatigue?
Brief Definition of Directed Attention Fatigue
What Causes Directed Attention Fatigue?

Detailed signs of Directed Attention Fatigue
Introduction—Directed Attention Fatigue in Depth—And Do I Have It?
1. Sensory Signs of Directed Attention Fatigue
2. Signs of Attention Fatigue in Thinking
3. Signs of DAF in Behavior Control
4. Signs of Attention Fatigue in Planning and Judgment
5. Signs of Directed Attention Fatigue in Emotions
6. Signs of Attention Fatigue on Social Interactions

Some interesting things about attention
What Are The Big Three of Attention?

Attention Number 1—Directed Attention

Attention Number 2—Fascination
Attention Number 3—Learned Fascination
Brain and Mind

Causes of DAF
Running Multiple Models
Work-related Situations That Can Lead to DAF
Even Good Things Can Wear Out Attention

2. What can you do about Directed Attention Fatigue?
Quickstart if You Are Currently Experiencing Severe Attention Fatigue

Attention Restoration Activities
Look for Signs of Improvement
Natural Steps toward Restoration

Preventing Directed Attention Fatigue
Preserving Directed Attention--an Overview

Dealing with Attention Drainers

Environmental Factors in Attention

Key researchers who have studied Directed Attention Fatigue and Restoration
Stephen Kaplan, Rachel Kaplan, Bernadine Cimprich, Frances Kuo, William Sullivan,
Omer Tsimhoni, Eric Ivancich, Raymond De Young, Eric Chown,
Marc Berman
, Mark Weaver, David Schwartz, Leeann Fu, Sandy Beadle,
and other members of SESAME-ANT at The University of Michigan and elsewhere.

Other Research related to Directed Attention Fatigue and Restoration
Michael Posner, Muriel Lezak, John Bargh, Bill O'Hanlon

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